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We offer one of the largest selection of new, refurbished, used and pre-owned DELL Server & Storage products, specializing in the popular Power Edge server line series.

Specializing in supplying all the latest Dell Powe Edge server equipment including, EOL, hard to find and discontinued models.

If you know your part number or need drive model assistance, select the GET CURRENT PRICE button for latest discounted pricing or to request a formal quote.

Fast, next day delivery available and in some cases same day immediate delivery from one of our local Dell spares depot - real inventory.

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Dell Spares

PowerEdge R220

PowerEdge R320

PowerEdge R415

PowerEdge R420

PowerEdge R430

PowerEdge R515

PowerEdge R520

PowerEdge R530

PowerEdge R610

PowerEdge R620

PowerEdge R630

PowerEdge R715

PowerEdge R720

PowerEdge R720xd

PowerEdge R730

PowerEdge R730xd

PowerEdge R815

PowerEdge R820

PowerEdge R910

PowerEdge R920

PowerEdge R930

PowerEdge T20

PowerEdge T320

PowerEdge T420

PowerEdge T430

PowerEdge T620

PowerEdge T630

PowerEdge FC430

PowerEdge FC630

PowerEdge FC830

PowerEdge M420

PowerEdge M520

PowerEdge M620

PowerEdge M630

PowerEdge M910

PowerEdge M820

PowerEdge M820P

PowerEdge M830

PowerEdge M830P

PowerEdge M915 - Blade


Dell PowerEdge VRTX

PowerEdge C4130

PowerEdge FD332

PowerEdge FX2

PowerEdge FM120x4

PowerEdge C1100 MLK

PowerEdge T110 II

PowerEdge M630 VRTX

Brocade M5424 12-24 Por

Brocade M6505 12-24 Por

PowerConnect M8024-k

PowerConnect M6348 FI

PowerConnect Mellanox S

PowerConnect M6348 AP

PowerVault MD3260

PowerVault MD3060e

PowerVault 124T LTO6

PowerVault MD3400

PowerVault LTO-6 Externa

PowerVault MD1420

Powervault MD1400

PowerVault MD3420

Powervault MD1280

PowerVault MD3460

PowerVault 114X

PowerVault MD1220

PowerVault MD1200

PowerVault LTO5-140

PowerVault LTO4-120HH

PowerVault MD3200

PowerVault MD3220

KACE K1100

KACE K1200

KACE K2100

KACE K2200