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Maintenance & Support

Award Winning Maintenance Support

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

MCA OEM maintenance support reduces operating costs while increasing flexibility. With faster response times, flexible maintenance contracts, customized support solutions and the opportunity to extend your asset lifecycle, trusting your maintenance needs to a qualified and experienced partner, decreases capital expenditures and supports a smart IT strategy.

MCA is a leading maintenance company, with offices and logistics spares centers across the US. This allows us to responsively service organizations & agencies, while maintaining the agility to operate locally in commercial & military locations.

Get access to a wide range of 24/7 Remote Hands services, including:

On-site technical assistance

Hardware installations

Interface card removal and installation

Inventory of equipment, recording serial numbers and capturing the installation status with digital photos

Power cycling a router, server, or switch and soft-booting a server

Moving equipment within your data center racks and cabinets

Providing visual verifications supported with digital photos

Installing, replacing or removing equipment, including routers, switches, system modules, disk drives, memory, etc.

Assisting with uncrating equipment from boxes and shipping replaced equipment

Patching equipment to a patch panel based on a supplied patching schedule