US Government & Military


MCA is a women owned, small business (WOSB) delivering IT and tailored value-added solutions to our government customers around the world. we partner with top manufacturers and software companies to provide our federal customers with leading edge information technology solutions. as a federally-focused contractor, mca offers a strong contract portfolio that includes government-wide contracts such as gsa schedule 70 and sewp v as well as multiple agency-specific idiqs and bpas. our disciplined approach to the management of product delivery and ancillary services provides access to the latest technology in an environment that supports rapid implementation, clear productivity gains, and short rois.


MCA focuses on a disciplined approach to (1) understand the requirement, (2) validate the requirement, (3) design the solution, and (4) implement the approved design with the customer’s objectives always at the forefront. we appreciate the unique objectives, challenges, and mission critical drivers for each individual customer. mca and our team of partners work diligently to succeed in fulfilling our customers’ objectives and develop a long term relationship for the future. our reputation is based on relationships that have been formed over many years of doing business with the federal government, and we take pride in nurturing and growing those and future relationships.