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Sun Enterprise 4500 Server - View All Sizes Refurbished

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Sun Enterprise 4500 Server - View All Sizes Refurbished

Current Availability: [IN STOCK]

MCA carries a select line of Sun Fire Enterprise 4500  servers & spare parts, all available in Refurbished or Used conditions. The Sun Enterprise 4500 is a modular 14-way server, great for mission-critical applications and comes with advanced system management tools. Can be upgraded to 14 UltraSPARC processors, 14 GB of memory, and 14 I/O channels.

Sun Enterprise E4500 Server Maximum Configuration Specifications & Features
  • Up to 14  250MHz, 336GHz, or 466MHz UltraSPARC II  processors
  • Up to 8 System  Board Slots (7 CPU/ Memory Boards & 1 I/O board)
  • CPU/Memory Board holds up to 2 CPU's a 16 DIMMS Slots, per board
  • Up to 28GB of memory  (4GB Memory/ per board)
  • Up to 4 disk drives of  9GB, 18GB, 36GB, 73GB or 146GB FC-AL 10K  
  • CD/ DVD Drive Standard
  • One Ethernet,  One SCSI, Three SBus, Two RS-232C/RS423 serial ports (DB25) and 2 PCI Ports Onboard
  • 4 Power Supplies, Redundant
  • 13.5" Height, approx 150bs

We offer low prices on all pre-configured Sun Enterprise 4500, Refurbished and Used servers. Select from available pre-configured systems or Customize Your Own. You configure it, we professionally build it.